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Saturday, November 05, 2005

About Movies and mani..

just happened to see some old ones on TV..hmm..nice time pass eh?

Money Ratnam (oh! Yeah..he was always considered to be so shrewd on money, mani became money long since)really had a zing in him..saw a couple of his old movies..i was never a big fan of his movies though I liked his style of movie making..the way he played up the youth factor and the realistic portrayal of his characters and the best of all picturisation of his songs.. admiration for this man multiplied after I came to know he has never traveled outside India for his movies/ songs..and just think of a few of his best songs and you would feel why did so many bollywood guys had to go to swiss,newzee et al!!
If only I had known that earlier during the ICC trophy in England, I wud have asked him about this..yeah..he is a big fan of cricket and was following the ICC matches in England in person setting aside useful works, like yours truly;-)


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