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Friday, November 23, 2007

Assam & ML

Already folks have started asking me when will regular blogging much for the travel bits..any way shall finish off with small notes on Assam and Bengal..more for my memoirs than being very informative here..
After that interesting stay at Delo tourist home, we proceeded to siliguri to spend sometime with Bimal (the famous guy who gave us rosy picture about the try_n_avoid_them_if_u_can place called siliguri;-)) then we reached Guwati by train. From frying pan to fire u may say or from siliguri to Guwati u can say..
Man! Guwati is a drainage deluge and so we were actually glad to even forego one day’s paid up hotel stay and run off during the end of our assam trip.
Assam was so green and wealthy on water everywhere and we were glad to be on the road again. Add to that good roads all along assam, it was a great relief. Bonus was the colorful pandals all along the road side due to puja. We drove all the way to Kaziranga and stayed at a very interesting place- Bon Habi just a km away from the national park. But it was a wrong time (agent's goof up not expanded here)..most parts of the national park thrown out of gear by severe rains and a better time is normally Nov rather than Oct!
Still the amount of green, diversity of the flora and birds at Kaziranga amazed us.
From there we drove to Meghalaya- supposedly translates to ‘abode of clouds’, but we realized it was abode of dust and exhaust. Unimaginable amounts of dust turning the color of the leaves of trees on road side to brown! As u near Shillong u find more traffic and more spewing of exhaust. Its an unique place, unlike most hill top cities this is not a small one, but a vast expanse of a city on the top! Hardly any veg restaurants to help us but more cantonments and so well planned layouts and roads. We were surprised at the puja fever here too.
Next day came the to chirapunjee (ya, the rain record famous place) was exotic as one can imagine, this part of ML was fitting the bill of “Scotland of the east’ perfectly (as coined by some brits in early 20th century ). Winding roads, scenic beauty, bountiful falls, deep gorges, water bodies all made it a great drive. Remember that Dhoni and karthikeyan’s ad and their drive to cherrapunji? Now I know why they say that!This drive lives up to the ‘abode of clouds’ name of Meghalaya. There’s even a stalagmite cave here and many other nice view points, parks and falls..but not one good restaurant to lunch, sigh sigh..
If only they can do something to the huge truck traffic and their venom spewing exhausts these 2 states can be a good drivable tourist spot.
Lots of surprises in these 2 states anyway.



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