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Friday, April 29, 2011

just missed..

so the GEAC meeting of the experts did happen on 27th April..and luckily, by the skin of teeth, we have escaped..ok, it would have been just a recommendation to the ministry to allow, still..
The pace of the industry and the intensity with which the scientists and the industry are hobnobbing, its amazing and shocking!
Its good to remember what Dr. David Suzuki, scientist, geneticist, and environmentalist recently commented about GMOs: β€œAny scientist that tells you they are safe is either ignorant or lying to you.”

So the simple question here is- even if a few scientists stand up and say GM is not safe why are we even considering it until they all discuss, test and come out with the safety in clear terms.

But then its not just about scientists ain't? Infact they have failed us more in the recent past..almost all the products they delivered had more ills and negative impact than positives - including the supposed medicines!
still if we give the scientists some rope, we should also look at the long term impacts like water, soil, other species, farmers' livelihood, seed sovereignty, etc.

so for now, keep your eyes and ears open..Voice out where ever you can against GM and esp this BT brinjal now, which is in news.

Say No to Bt Brinjal.
Will you???

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