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Thursday, April 06, 2017

One (other) organic source falls:(

One (other) organic source falls:(
caught by us..
It started like this: This man Reddy walks in to give us samples of his mango..his farm was visited and we wud still not pick from him bcos he was a big farmer.. those days we at restore wud strictly take from small  & marginal farmers..(later on for some specific crops and veggies n fruits we deviated a bit)
He wud come again and again, making us feel bad.. then one day he comes with a bottle of mango pulp..value additions are something we always wanted farmers to do.. and so were excited but told him there shud be no synthetic additions
when we asked him how will the shelf life be achieved if he doesn’t add any preservatives, he says he experimented by adding some kachcha (unripe)mangoes while pulping and the sour/citric from that helped..we were very was a shrewd farmer..a natural scientist we hailed..
And then we told him it shud not come in plastics..
so this man goes back and packs it in glass bottles and brings it..and tell us that infact helped him!! Bcos he could dip the whole bottle after filling in to 350 degrees hot water and that enhanced the shelf life..
we were so thrilled..”see that’s how one shud improvise..” some of us lauded..
So mango pulp bottled in glass bottles came to our shelves..
then in our regular process of random checking (some random 3 products are sent to lab for checking chemical/pesticide residues) this was selected too. And it didn’t have pesticide residues..we were happy again.
oh! Please wait..story is not over..
suddenly we think its not enough if we check only for pesticide residue but for preservatives..
and lo:-( there is benzoic acid..a known preservative..with ill effects and proven hazards..

so it is with heavy heart and a sad bitter taste we have to announce that the Mango pulps sold in neat glass bottles (now sold in almost all organic shops bcos of us recommending it) is not so organic as we thought..
So time to stop it..all organic retailers, pl take note and take the right stop it..


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