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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Madras- more updates and..

So..addl updates on madras..a few of u had expressed ur surprise and joy..hey..its not that Chennai is dripping honey n milk all over and has become a heaven (a la Neyveli) in no time..nein..never..its just that it beat my low expectations I had of chennai and its inimitable politicos..but.. but some things like water conservation have really improved..just goes to say if only the politicos can lay their mind on somethings and that too this dicta’rial jj can get done
(m)any thing(s)…hmm..
After that another lash of heavy rains- nonstop for 2 days need to look at roads 2moro..shall do so and report later..


Talking of seeing matches..oh ya..its on take or give 2 balls..I mean per mean it is either 2 or 4 balls that u get to see per over..but one noticeable thing is lots of advertisements have been very catchy..conveying so many things in such short times and with that punch of humor..Ads have evolved beyond imagination in India..really gr8


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