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Thursday, September 14, 2006

pssstt..even lands have caste!

oh yeah! even lands have caste in India, that is in this grand fast twenty first century..
off late I have been looking for some land in Bangalore neighbourhood for some of my friends and those experiences can fill lotsa space here!
in my last two sojourns I heard this sentence "thats sc-st land sir..u may not be in for it" - to me as well as others mentioned by the agents..
I cringed and after 2 days mustered the strength to ask them WTF they mean? and if they were joking. also said strongly that I don’t care nor wud my friends..just check out the docs and if the specs meet we take it..for which the agent gave me ‘gyan’..
There are some lands that were given by the govt for the 'upliftment of the oppressed' and that has obviously passed thru wrong hands and now is in the market..But u shud really be a politico or such like to handle the after effects- like ‘some one’ can invoke that sc-st thingy and ask u to hand over to the 1st person for whom it was meant, even if it has come to u after n sales..
So u got it? Even lands have caste and prolly untouchability too..hmm…long way to go,eh??


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