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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hats off and goodbye!

good bye Andre! thanks for all that u hav given to tennis fans and to tennis itself!
Andre Agassi- a maverick and prodigy..a class act and one of the best returner. what a guy..a great player who was everything but a serious player when he came in end 80s and what a growth path- crowded with many incidents like that of brook shields marriage and the subsequent break. (there was news then that just after their divorce he asked her for a date to party, thats agassi)But he sure was a very mellowed down and different guy after his mariage with steffi (another great).
The man who came in with long locks, off beat shorts, colored jerseys and then went on to caps to cover up his bald and finally totally bald..what a game he used to sport! The match(es) with sampras stands out and speak of his calibre. what cud say better - the guys, his contemps like sampras, rafter, courier, chang all retired a few years back and he was there playing a tuff game y'day!
A tennis icon in his own right was the most colorful player to visit the tennis arena ever. Cud any one have guessed an Iranian immigrants son wud go this far? Sure, he looked so tired and needed cortisones after each match, still he is the best..
hats off and bye Agassi..


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