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Thursday, May 31, 2007


In my series of interesting people I have been meeting, this is another amazing gentleman..a near saint now..I had mentioned of his book here and so my interest grew more..Its only recently I could manage to meet him and least I cud say is I was maha impressed.
This man, who had come back after a short stint, from where else but the west, was an active part of PPST (Patriotic and People-oriented Science and Technology) and contributed heavily there. One such activity was his series on the ery (tank irrigation) system of south India. That is like a big research paper talking of the advanced but traditional system of ours. He has also done more work like this – about ancient iron smeltering ways, cow slaughter etc.
Now he leads an almost saintly life teaching yoga and carrying out ayurveda practice along with his wife in adayar. He was very concerned about the decline of traditional medical knowledge and how the villagers these days are pushed to depend on allopathy docs and so are pushed unnecessary, unwanted medicines.
Oh, what a man..i am so happy my list (to meet and have met) is growing and what optimism it infuses in to one on hearing their involvements and achievements.



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