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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

more on munnar, kerala..

Am back..
It was a great trip, nice in many ways and lotsa interesting things..
Udumalpet is a nerve centre in the western ghats..proximal to many peaks and surrounded by quite a few dams and water such peak is munnar.. after the ‘must do’ sight seeing near u’pet we drove to munnar (via maraiyoor) and it was a pleasant drive in the mountain ranges..munnar is a beautiful setting with very fotogenic hill ranges and tops, packed with tea plantations everywhere..even the dot like tops, cliff ends etc were packed with tea plants..add to this mist and clouds at various times of the day..streams of water and falls every now and of the dam back water had speed boats too! Weather was very nice ..add to this nice variety of tea u get everywhere..lemon tea tops my list! (one of them while educating us how to make one said if u put more than 2 drops of lemon it becomes lemon juice, mind u)

Did u know??? That tea plant lives for more than 100 years (or they do not know its lifespan yet!)..the tea plantations one gets to see all along have been planted ages back in the brits regime and have never been replaced..they are still there yielding them nice tea leaves every 10 days..only the top 3 leaves are plucked..what a revelation!

Then we drove down thru iduki dt., to thekkady and then to kottayam from there..all along it was like dense forests, variety of tress and infested with creepers..pepper, teak, oak, palm, rubber, papaya, cashew, what not.. we stayed in a small village (vechoor) near vaikkom- what a pleasant village and highly hospitable family that hosted us..went arnd the kerala villages, back water and thru the rubber forests to hearts content..the back water, the huge (48km long) lake in sun rise and sunset times was so refreshing..
then came the fitting finale…a sooper stay in the boat house in kumarakom/alleppey..what setting..comfy stay in floating 2 bedroom houses called boat houses with just about everything..rides thru back waters and dense forests and cruise on the huge lake, crawl along the bird sanctuary..that was great..IMHO a not to miss ride..
what was more heartening was that most part of kerala was very nature friendly (by choice or by way of life or by just aadat)..cud not find litter as one wud in most touristic/crowded the no.of trees per head was amazing, no wonder so much rain…even this lake/back water setting loaded with so many boat houses had strict norms – like bio treatment of the fecal matter collected in the toilets! Most places were rid of plastic wastes..

a satisfying trip, educating too..had lotsa of very good experiences and learnt some good new stuff and was impressed with an insight in to new urge to cover more northern states is even higher time for longer hols soon;-0


  • At May 04, 2007 7:08 AM, Anonymous Ravi said…

    do these boats belong to private owners or Kerala tourism dept? I always wondered how these waterways are cleaned. we can't get to dredge and clean up one cooum in our city.

  • At May 04, 2007 10:04 AM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    almost all owned by private parties..even the resorts there..but they have all maintained the places impeccably! as said b4 most parts of kerala were rid of plastics and garbage in general. in the lake and back waters they have very stringent rules and more importantly followed!


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