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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do I miss CH?

Friends keep asking me this- if I (don’t) miss swiss(CH)..i used to sternly refute this for long since my return..but recent past esp the arrival of summer there means onset of cricket season..u can take away all, but give me that fun filled swiss, that was exciting- prolly the idea of playing cricket in alp locales or the idea of feeling important in a team filled with nearly40s guys (hey,joking there were enof younsters)or just that making use of long swiss summer days or the asian food/beer packed with typical srilankan hospitality during the breaks or the rash pranks of some imprudent fools whose importance to politicking than playing was well known or just about a combo of all that..i sure do miss that..every summer those guys there still try their trick, throwing carrot, posing like inviting me for the ‘season’ or rather daring me to come and prove my warned, some day I may still do it!
But that’s not all..everytime (thank god I do that so rarely) I flip thru channels and every other song has a captivating swiss scenery and I go- oh! That’s Interlaken or is it davos or bla bla..and they really turn me on..ok ok not literally but push me close enof to miss that CH or atleast those glorious days..
Still no regrets on what iam doing here or rather not doing;-0
These sweet little nothings, small small stones being turned, meeting fantastic folks, involving in unique and meaningful projects and having my own time- lazing around at will and traveling at no will..those shall always help me overcome those small instances when I tend to (read that again, its only tend to) miss CH..gotcha??


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