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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

once again after quite a break..

hey madras weather has been unbelievably cool and enof the extent we were so happy to see some hide n seek sun so as to dry our clothes:-)

now after that great martyr called haneef its sanjay dutt for our media..ok, he did not go and kill people directly but connived with abusalem and dawood..straight away caught for shielding and hiding some weapons of those known terrorists..i remember reading a transcript of his tele-con with abusalem and ilks planning some ‘eliminations’..he was a ‘family’ rit?Let him as well go thru this deserved punishment..lets not have all that gas of he having become a good n nice person overnight (or last jail term)..then people will come out with ‘there r so many crooks and politicians who have committed more, bla bla’..hey its true, there r more crooks roaming arnd freely, but let one of the rare guilty who has been clearly proved in a court endure the punishment..just think it over: he is being paid so high for his professional acts and still this fella goes and connives with whom? D & co..just for that attitude such guys needs to be given max punishment..somehow Azhar comes to mind, shame that he escaped.

India won at trent bridge! After all against another lowly rated similar failing nothing great about it..both teams (mis)behaved in a silly manner..but what is needed though is really putting some sense in to that sreesanth fella..he neither knows to bowl nor show proper aggression..he thinks being aggressive is to be irritating beyond limits..firstly one needs to perform if he has to back up some nonsensical behaviour. He can neither bowl nor behave properly! this fella does only kirikiri and no dum..sic..
As for the celebrations immly after the win, there was hardly! I thought one shud really celebrate so very well so that just such celebrations shud prompt for more wins, hmm…



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