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Monday, December 24, 2007

Taare zameen par!

Its fantastic and mind boggling and this fella really beats our expectations each time.. The selection of subject, treatment, confidence, homework, perspiration all speak of his passion and the way the final product comes out, its all amazing! He is the rightful kamalahassan of the north!
They both really make the best Taare on our Zameen!

Now to the movie really needs guts to take such a strong subject and to bring himself (a super star) just at the stroke of intermission..that reeks of confidence, I can only think of Mohanlal having done that!
The portrayal of the kid and his enacting is amazing..They shud make an entry for this Kid - Darsheel Safary in the National awards best actor category rather than in kids category..and am sure none of the heroes wud come anywhere near him..a brilliant piece of acting..there are emotions that this kid has shown which is beyond years and am afraid no adult wud have done that!
The story, direction, music all are excellent and each one is very much a reason to see this movie..Am not going to prompt the story here nor many scenes..but one scene that stands out needs to be told…the imagination that the kid set outs on a question 3X 9 and that knocking of Pluto is incredible..
The previous time there was review of an Amir’s movie here, we did not even mention the name of the movie..Man! he really comes up with fantastic movies..the confidence and subject, only likes of kamal and maniratnam can come up with..Hindi movies these days are really moving fast and forward..Shah Rukh freaked out in a movie like Chak de where there was no sooper star hero or heroin, but a strong off beat we have amir where he is not the hero even and so no duet/heroine but a strong, moving story..
That image of the by-now-popular-poster where that boy is in the forefront and amir watches fom behind is actually true and happening in most part of the movie..That kid is the protagonist carrying the movie on his shoulder with ease and amir is just left watching..but it’s a great movie to debut direct and amir had to announce that..again a la kamal where the stamp of the person is so strong in each of their movie whether they direct or not!

Hey, If you don’t have anything very urgent like dying or delivering a baby, GO.. rush there and see this movie..its worth every penny and minute..

Note: I watched it in a “B” center - nagpur, giving me nostalgic feeling of the small town theatres and my good old days!



  • At December 28, 2007 6:41 AM, Anonymous ravi said…

    I thought you would be in Madras for the Music season enjoying the sabha canteens. What are you doing in Nagpur !!!!

  • At January 01, 2008 4:06 AM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    Ravi!How I wished i cud..but more purposeless purposes pushes me to travel;-)
    after nagpur its now few days at pune and then back to blore via BBY!
    so the whole 'season' wud be over when I return..hmmm..


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