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Sunday, March 01, 2009


This slumdog mania is too thing is the oscar hype the other is our media jumping up so much..we shud note that this is a Brit movie and the ha hoo created is also by the brit media (like they always do for any brit movie- rarely produced and even rarely makes it to the nominations).
While we can be happy for the recognition given to Pookutty or Rahman is fine but nothing to go overboard. But did you folks watch pookuttys acceptance speech? It was very good. Natural and pointed. he even spoke of 'aum', music of silence and indianness in music etc. He also appreciated his team in a very modest way and spoke so well.

But for all those who feel let down by Rahman and feel he has had better outings in our movies shud note that this is a Hollywood and so will and shud be to their tastes. If we find a lagaan or Roja music better its bcos of our tastes. the oscar is by an for the western world. So it can only be considered if it suits their taste. Pl note that they adjudge best music only from the nominated pictures. There could be movies that had better or fantastic music but never made to the nominations. So comparisons and resentments are wrong.

Pl note that smile pinky has been pushed behind in all this slumdog noise. Thats a better news and an achievement compared to this SM. Its a documentary and can have an impact on many lives (of poor people affected by )cleft lips. Hope Govts and other NGOs in this sector reacts and clean up cleft lips like in most western countries.

The Madras high court never ceases to keep us all they pulled another stunt and now there is so much of noise on the police assault. In this din their political maneuvers, unwanted srilankan issues, hitting & injuring Subramania swamy in the court room, beating up a police officer, their regular bandhs and riot-like-moves, hardly differentiating them from political parties is being hidden. I was too happy to watch the police retaliation - not that its right but just that such an unruly crowd requires and understands only such retaliation. If they think they are above law and keep playing like this, where shall the already close-to-defunct law machinery feature?
Now they are talking like saints and posing to be goodie guys.
anyways, lets wait for some other issue to cover this up.