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Monday, January 26, 2009

One news, so many views

Or was it one view & still so many news!
His Holiness Dalailama was in town. I was there, thanks to sangeetha. It was nice to see such a big crowd show up at Madras to such a nice man. One of the few whole hearted practitioners of peace inspite of the Chinese onslaught, he is a man I rate very high. After having seen many tibetians esp during our tour of north sikkim, my reverence to this man increased manifold.
But one thing that struck me after attending his speech at the Madras University was – One need not be a great orator to be so successful & popular! In our college days we wud have named it ‘sappai’. It was a flat & bubbleless speech though interspersed with some western-like humour. But one could see how transparent, nice, cool and honest he looks and speaks. It was an experience, but failed the expectations! One image stands in my view still: a bunch of tibetain students from madras who were seated in the adjacent rows were seen standing with folded hands and so much of reverence in their eyes till he walked away from the stage.

Now to the subject: I told u I was there! I heard him say- He had no role to play in the srilankan crisis. Inspite of being a Buddhist leader, he said his attempts to bring some reason/sense in to the Burmese Junta failed and said it could go no where even if he interfered in the srilankan govt, inspite of it being a Buddhist country. He said his visit to srilanka, a Buddhist nation, has not been approved since 1970s and he has never gone there! He said violence was not a solution, but sadly he had no role to play.
But what did our media report it as?
Express said HH is not ready for a role in lankan crisis and Deccan said he is in for a role, Times said he will meet the lankan envoy and Hindu had different version!
Phew.. that’s amazing! In my opinion they all should have failed in SSLC if they ever went to school, for they couldn’t write this one small reply correctly!