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Monday, August 16, 2010

old farts and young minds

man! meeting old friends is great, always.
we had the 25 years 'whatever'jubilee alumni meet of our college guys..
oh! man!! all old farts now.. its 25 years since we all stepped in to the college first! (mind u not finished, many were wondering why it was 25 so soon)
In a matter of few minutes all these old farts scaled down 2 decades so easily and all were back to same old form..pulling each other's leg at the slightest chance and recalling (conveniently) others' goofs in our hey days and feigning memory loss when ever pointed their own goof ups:-)

the funny part was, all but 3 profs/lecturers there is none left from old days..another proof of days gone past..hmm..but we all proved we are young u know- by dancing, talking thru the night and laughing all the way/day..

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