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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Very disturbing

Raju of satyam is out on bail! some one who escaped being in the jail bcos of hepatitis C to Z, liver ailments, and other such innovative diseases and comfortably spent his time in the Nizam hospital is out even from that!
collective sham! Some one who could not be produced in the court all these days bcos he was ‘un well' is free and fit enough to go and enjoy his bail! Now do u think he will still hide behind those inventive diseases and hospital or freak out in his palatial bungalows?
Now this conster will twist as many evidences as possible, weaken the whole case and bury it.
Atleast if he was to be in the jail (ok, read hospital) many other prospective corporate thieves like him would have at least shown some restraint.
But now they would (re)think..

That’s a shame and this case will touch new lows soon.



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