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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Brooklyn John

Most of you regulars know me personally and how much (sense of) humour weighs a vital part..I enjoy anything toasted with humour- even sad stories;-)

One of the rare times when Iam found in splits and ROFLing..This man John and his wife Nimmy did that..the way they wud pull each other and bring out matter-of-factly incidents or info in their typical style had me & w in splits..we also saw lots of similarity..lotsa serious issues coming out as pulling each some point when the conversation drifted to upkeep, orderliness etc (W & N were gaga about it!) N went on to say how things will be left all over and how she will have to place everything back in place 'always', etc..John wud let her finish and slowly look at me with a smile and say - now u know why it took ages for me to fetch that book for u? thats bcos it wasnt where i had kept but she had 'cleaned' that place and 'hid' the book inside some shelf:-)

This was one of the best meets for us in recent times..lots of info got exchanged..and its only about how there were many occasions during this tons of info exchange we ended up having lighter moments..

Firstly we visited Brooklyn John of Kodai (thanks to HOK karthik) to see their organic farm and see if we could source any stuff for ended up being beyond all that..not only about organic farm, their organic life style but about naturopathy, healthy ways and their forth coming naturopathy sanatorium in Kodai hills.

J & N turned organic some 30 years back..they were one of the first in Kodai..they also have the ‘disease’ of curing all ills of the one wud see them in the lake cleaning committee, waste management efforts, Sewage treatment plan(t)s, organic produce sales..just about all honourable and noble deeds.

Till date they sell organic vegetables once a week in Kodai out of their house..infact their passion has led them turn their house in to half a farm.they grow so many varieties of lettuce and vegetables in their home garden itself..add to that their 100 acre farm in poondi- 40 kms from Kodai..This is where their naturopathy health centre will come up by sep will be a 20 bed hospital which shall have fully organic food served for the patients! That itself is a big great step IMO..for in most naturopathy clinics and doctors that i see organic food is not rated as high..That shud be a big contradiction bcos - if the food (& habits around that) can be the cure, then it better be rid of the major ill- poison of chemicals. ok thats a digression for another day.

I should confess here that we ended up talking about all else other than organic farming and veggies for restore..They are a data bank..of naturopathy and most other issues I mentioned above..But since naturopathy (health and natural medication) being my recent attractions, so much was on that..I could not have thought of any one better than this couple inundating me with so much info..

Some excerpts:

-'Dis-ease' is just a discomfort and its just a symptom that our body is working..only business mind can make a case out of it by ‘treating’ it

-All diseases are treatable..only some patients are not!

-It takes 17 hours to digest food by our intestines..esp in the small intestine the food stays longer.

-So ideally any intended fast starts after 17 hours of last meal

-Supper can be the best food but to be taken around sun set..

-The regular hunger pangs we all feel are false hunger he says and that’s due to acidity!

-Alkaline food is the best way to bring about balance in our body

-Best alkaline juices are banana pith/stem, ash gourd, carrots. Almost anything that can be eaten raw is alkaline. (as a rule : Anything not processed)

-All processed foods(?) like chips, packaged long shelf life products, sugar are all heavily acidic. Causing most harms

-One who eats once a day is Yogi, twice is Bogi, thrice is Rogi and 4 times is Dhrohi!

-Allopathy is the alternate medicine..’allo’ is came in and suddenly displaced our traditional as ‘alternative’!

-Fever is the best treatment..even Hippocrates said “ give me fever and I will treat anything”

-Rubbing, wet packs, fasting etc are easy ways of removing toxins..

-Wet pack is the basic treatment in naturopathy

-Wet pack in a sprain or pain area will become warm in 5 minutes..which means blood circulation and which means ‘action’.

-Blood is the main doctor in our removes toxins continuously..

-When u put a wet cloth on the face/temple of a fever patient after a while this white cloth becomes black..a prof of removal of toxins..

Actually I insist again that none better than them could have given me this insight bcos they even put their 1st son (when he was very young) thru their naturopathy lea(r)nings 2.5 decades back! They survived torrid 7 days when their kid was suffering from very high fever and the whole family including allopathy doctors in the family being anxious and putting pressure on them..They just left nature (ok, read fever) to take care and his body to fight naturally..It did and he came out did they! Their 2nd son was not given any vaccine nor any allopathy treatment and needless to say he was more fitter.

Needless to mention here that They are young strong men now!

That was one fantastic conversation and knowledge share..I shall go to their naturopathy clinic once its ready and post more here..meanwhile restore shall also benefit i would hope.

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