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Monday, July 04, 2011

GM industry on back foot!

It is common knowledge how corporates esp the special MNCs like Monsanto function. how they are in news world wide for one or other corrupt or surreptitious move and how they have always been noted for hazardous produce.
We also know how organisations esp the monitoring agencies across the world including FDA have always been biased and helped bring wrong products on to our plates!

GEAC the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee has been censured even by the Environment minister under whom this comes. GEAC has bent their back many times to help these corporates. The scientists within GEAC, what ever their compulsions and profit could be, unceremoniously favour the GM industry lobby. That has been brought to light many times earlier.

This time its even more blatant! nepotism!! one of the scientist Swapan Kumar Datta has pushed and got clearance for trials of GM rice to be conducted by his wife, Karabi Datta, faculty with the botany department of Calcutta University! by beating all norms and regulations, even altering a basic requirement!

what a shame! and we are sitting here believing our Govt authorities will take care of our safety esp in such food items. hmm...

The GM industry marched strong only because of their surreptitious moves and inglorious adjustments and backdoor maneuvers..These corporates as proved time and again have only their profit and market share in mind and nothing but that. So buying a bunch of politicos should help them move fast.
That leaves us public to be aware of such moves and civil society groups to be on vigil and save our food and farmers' livelihood from them..

In quick succession after that blatant nepotism and dare devil move by the GEAC member and scientist, another unsafe, careless n reckless trial by Monsanto the Goliath corporate has been exposed by Green Peace and civil society members in Karnataka.
see here:

the MSM also carried it!

the same story in Hindu:

Wish the environment minister Jayaram ramesh takes severe action and suspends this perma villain called Monsanto from any GM affairs in India. they can jolly well screw the Americas, as has been happening for decades now. Monsanto as we have seen many times here has no end for its greed. one planet might not suffice them as said here.

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