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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

travel, farms, lack of blogging.. has been 30 days since i left home..went to Dindigul Gandhi Gram university for that big 3 day meet/workshop we had and where Tharcharbu Iyakkam was floated..That actually means lots of work and travel in the coming days but more on TI will come later in another post..
then went from there to Punjab - stayed in a beautiful organic farm where a 3 day training program was held (luxuries of community service in organic farming;-))and then a couple of more marketing meets in punjab followed by a couple of days at Haryana where an interesting debate between anti GM (ably handleded by kk) and GM scientist from JNU and another very gripping awareness program for medical doctors on GM! oh yeah, doctors see it as another technological development and not as safety or health issue, after this many in that university have woken up!

then a grand meeting of the swadeshi Jagran manch called the swadeshi jutaan in Delhi! Thanks to Umendarji of Kheti virasat mission, punjab, I Was very happy to be in the midst of 100s of stalwarts and seriously socially conscious folks discussing variety of topics so passionately and intellectually! I happened to meet quite some interesting and phenomenal persons out there..even happened to steal some few minutes of Gurumurthyji! a good time..
Then went to Bombay, Pune observing some of the organic distribution groups and some organic farms around both cities..spent 2 days in vanvad..Vanvadi is a special place and ofcourse requires a separate post..

so reached home after 30 days yesterday and here iam getting ready for a 2 day juant to kumbakonam, tanjavur for some farmers meet..

so does that explain many of you questioning about my absence here in the blog or on mail or in various places including restore..will be back with more updates..
for now signing off with a bunch of reason for lack of posts and announcing the future slack too..but i am visiting so many interesting folks an projects but am not able to write about them in the same speed as I visit them..


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