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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

planned obsolescence?

thanks to arvind who posted this link in the comments here:

just dont miss watch this..

what a revelation! we all knew or smelled it aint?
that the industry really connives for sooner than required repeat orders..
I knew about the blunting of blades before packing to get frequent buys..
and to see that these guys did that in early 1900s and formed a cartel and reduced the number of hours a bulb can glow..
oh! the printers..we all knew something was cooking..and its so obvious..
so many products out there are like that..
I was once told by DV that the original Batteries were with long life..the ones Edison used worked for 99+ years or still seemingly working..but that technology was bought by Exide and dumped..
I wish some one digs it up and does something and gets a replacement to these lead acid or others and bring long life ones..

so much for corporates, capitalism, money, greed and dumped ethics..


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