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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Safe Food day at Ambattur..

This was a cute park maintained neatly by the residents..and the meeting was organised by the federation of residents associations of Ambattur.. Safe Food Alliance (and hence me along with nalla keerai boys and few other volunteers) jumped in on the National Safe Food day (feb 9th) and organised a movie screening and followed it with a talk..originally we had planned 'Genetic Roulette' but that being fully in english wasnt very well half way thru changed it to Satyamev Jayate (tamil ver)..then followed up with the talk..covered about GM, safe food and what they can do..
1/ at individual level see food closely and check out for the ingredients and diclosed/not disclosed stuff..go organic
2/ spread the word about GM and safe food ..participate as community and take the message forward
3/ come out and support the small bunch of activists all over India in any way possible.. this small bunch has actually managed in stopping the GM food coming on to our plate..

the last point generated lots of interest..many youngsters came forward and said they would like to contribute..lets see how many do that really..
meanwhile it was federation of the various apartment and Res complexes of Ambattur.. all the various reps who were there were all hyper and have said they will now have screening and talks in all complexes..
as always we also had good millets food brought and sold..tasty and liked by all..this time it was Womens' collectives members who cooked the millets meal..

we also showcased about 'NallaKeerai' and people unanimously asked them to come and sell their organic keerai and vegetables in future in this park regularly..
a good safe market established too:-)