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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Smile- an amazing bunch of young volunteers and their sooper efforts..

was in a beautiful program..volunteers of smile, donors and the benefactors (poor students esp girls from govt hostels)..
Man what unassuming team..a bunch of unassuming youngsters when they were students (yes in the IRT college of engg in erode) collected money from all students and others to support their own classmates who were poor and unable to pay their fees..amazing thing for students to do this as they have so many distractions like movies, girls colleges, bus days etc;-) and to note that most of these boys came from simple backgrounds, small towns and lower middle class is fantastic..
if u thought that was great, let me tell u, it was just the beginning! These boys went on to continue their kindness and efforts even after they left college and were in to various jobs..and today they are a strong big group of volunteers who work with hundreds of kids, spreading education, mentoring the poor kids for whom there was none to help in education front at home and have made such a great impact in many lives..
I was lucky to be there as a "guest speaker"..but there was DEvasahayam IAS, Uma shakthi of vikatan and director of "pasanga: pandiaraj..
Pandiaraj gave a scintillating talk..
yes, i 'corrupted' the kids about safe food, farmers and sustainable agriculture..surprisingly (to me) it was very well received..many came forward and assured to take home and implement atleast a few points that I brought up..
am glad i was there..the whole event was conducted in such a pleasant and easy manner and in such joyful atmosphere..
Now this great group of volunteers lack in mentors (and people to teach)..if u can or if u know of people who can spare time do get in touch with them..
u will appreciate their work and efforts and more importantly the effect that they have created on so many young lives..

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