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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It was “amma way” all the way for Modi..

It was “amma way” all the way for Modi..
Land slide to instant slide to ground level from cloud 9..

Who in his/her minds will want a 10 Lakhs worth with one’s name inscribed on it..
Ha haa..
Esp for one who comes from a parent party professing frugality..
For some one who prided himself as  a people’s man, selfless bla bla..
(ok, ambanis might want to go around in that 27 floor silly building with such suits, atleast they don’t ask for votes directly!!)
Which “self less” “incorruptible” leader will ever go for such a suit, my lord?
Did u think of Jaya and her 34567890 chappals?

Yes, thats only similarity No:1!

Then come to the Obama Modi tango..Obama probably is the most failed leader in the world..for sure the worst US emperor ever..
And for our man to tango with him, could not have stemmed out of any logic except some mega inferiority complex (ya from those days of visa rejection. No we will not get in to visa rejection is right or wrong)
There comes the republic day affair and shutting the whole city causing so much problem to public..(oh my dear public, who cares about you..oh no, we forgot we had to come to you too soon asking for votes)
You think of amma, her barricades (in all the 3 possible routes she may take) and the hyper active police harassing public all around in the late 90s? 
(and do not miss the multiple similarities within each of the big ones..hint hint: complex ridden pshyco approach, singular 'dear friend', etc)

Then comes the governance..or the lack of it!
still the perception about being a great ruler..
one never knows who is the respective minister or the bureaucrat in each ministry..
Now you are in, now u r not!
And who ever is in or not, all decisions taken at one table..
For a Javadekar will never know if GM trials will be okayed or not..whether a particular mining baron will dance on modis floor today or not..if adani or ambani is the close friend for this week..or the land acquisition law or any other anti-poor will be tabled or not..
So an agri  minister (BTW 10 acres of “acquired” agri land prize for any one telling the name of the central agri minister without Googling) will never know what he has to organic or pesticide? Work with farmer or remove them from the map..(and here u go- additional 5000 acres if u guess who is the agri minister in TN and 1000000000 acres if you guess who is the CM of TN)

The angry anti incumbency votes of the last land slide is (mis)taken for personal popularity and life long ruling opportunity..and thud..

Where is the manifesto? Oh! Who cares? Why even try and work with people..
Call all those deep pocketed maniacs who want to rape the soil, screw the environment and phuck the poor..what? ur names starts with A and end with ‘I”..ok u r u go on a rampage..

What? Black money? Swiss account? How did they know that? Oh, u r talking about our promise to bring those fellas out is it? And  people believe in that? They cant find the difference between a poll promise and a joke eh? Move on..

 Then comes the  “helicopter”  politics..of being that far away from public..just no contact..not even eye contact..waving from that far..and so no ears or legs on the ground..and then comes the imminent humpty dumpty..

Oh, come on..put them all behind bars..unleash our rowdy elements on them all..who ever talks against us, our mistakes and about MYSELF are anti them..nail a priya pillai can be called anti national and the accounts of all those questioning or expressing dissent can be frozen..

 What? Parliament? Democrazy? U must be crazy? Who has the time to hear to all those (few) opposition blabbers? Just bull doze..get the  bloody ‘ordinance” route and to hell with all nicities..
Some shades of IndiraGandhi> no, no even Jaya had that..shades of IG! So that’s just a jaya similarity,,so keep adding!

Then comes this confusion of secularism, religious vigilantism..’brick by brick’ (yes pun intended about ammas brick politics in those hyper ayodhya days)  its all very very similar, aint?

Finally, alienating from all and sundry- within the party, outside, in Government..just about every where.. saw how all allies including RSS and VHP reacted?
Saw how much venom was spewn by shiv sena (oh their strongest longest ally!)..every one was waiting for an each of the responses and 'analysis' carefully..its a lot of entertainment and political lesson.
Actually only AAP has handled him with respect and care!

Similarity No: n

And so you would have found out that there is hope..after all amma won elections after that “anger” expressed by public..and for that the opponents had to fare badly as DMK did..
Here u go AAP.. U know what u shouldn’t do..
See Jaya, MK and Modi..

I think this says it all: (a cartoon from 'midday', taken from the net)
Called the common checks and royal stripes;-)


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