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Friday, June 13, 2014

Isn’t dissent the temple of democracy?

you sure must have heard of the IB report!
its timing is fishy..
the ones driving is clearly who were behind Man Mohan Singh too..the pattern and modus operandi is similar..
except that this govt can go ona  rampage and sort of efficiency the MMS and PCs will never get..

and to see that the Indian Middle class is just not bothered to understand the actual design and not reacting to the way the dissent or questions are being stifled is very ominous..scary..

this stratgey to whip up zingoism around patriotism and national security is so silly and still gobbled up so naively by the media and middle class together..

a banana republic is looming large..

So the NGOs have been sucking up the western worlds money and fighting the politicians out here in India and …
And do what?
Stop mindless mining? No, that unfortunately has never happened..stop koodankulam? Have they? Stop pouring of effluents in to rivers and water bodies? Stop poisoning of our food? Stop crimes against women? Stop pushing aside all the tribals out of their rightful dwelling holes? Stop all farming like the attempt in the Delta region in Tamil Nadu and drill out methane to benefit- whom? A single company? Handful of individuals??

Come on..The NGOs are there because government after government and politician after politician failed us! Not us really, but the vulnerable ones in the society. The Governments started working for the MNCs, International vested interests and even the WTOs.
NGOs are here because of the abject failure of the governments. For the fear of crimes and violent expressions that can result out of such non stop pushing. NGOs are here because of the disdain that politicians along with the mindless corporates are showing for lives, livelihoods, environment, ecology and our collective future.

But that is beside the point!

So IB comes out with a report. Or so we are told.. by whom? Some in the media have a copy. Arnab and express has been flashing it last 2 days..How did they even get it? Or why?? Firstly the timing is amazing and the content is funny! IB should be sharp! Sharper than most politicians, even than the aaya rams and gaya rams..
Or so it looks like..
While it hounded some NGOs in the congress regime (and then many in the BJP openly opposed such hounding!) the IB sweetly timed its turn around. It even plagiarized from Modis own speech in 2006. carried some of its chases from previous! 
while it is pretty evident the IB has actually tweaked a report that they shud have prepared for the MMS govt and to make it look very 'modified' and also the timing is all amazing!!
And take in to consideration the urgency to increase the height of Narmada when the compensations are still questioned since decades or take the case of Bhopal gas victims- 27 years and still no signs of compensation.
The urge to restart various mining operations including the ones censured by courts and the illegal ones..
The urgency to stifle any resistance and dissent!

What is development? What is this “developmentality"?

I am Non-government. Iam anti development. yes, From the time I decided not to be a part of the corporate world and money spinning industry. I do not perform anything for monetary gains since 2006. But have been working for various causes I value and for various issues that are close to my heart. It could be water body restoration, sustainable agriculture, enhancing local livelihoods and hence local economy, to stop/reduce farmers suicides, to bring genuine organic food to consumers, spreading awareness on safe food, etc. But i also support Green peace and its actions..I am against mindless mining and the sriram reddy and jindal like mining..
Iam against occupying all water bodies..Iam against the agricultural land being sold to the likes of adanis for 1 rupee an acre. orfor that matter even for 1 crore an acre..
so Iam against the forcible chasing and squatting SEZs..
Iam against the dams, river linking, nuke...
so iam an anti national, anti development but they miss the point..I am pro people, the vulnerable ones at that..
Iam also against many NGOs that just prepare reports (yes, like the IBs from safe AC chambers) and who have no clue of the grass roots..
Of course any and all wrong doers must be punished. All NGOs aren’t chasing money. There shall be wrong people, like every where else. Just to state a popular example here: when Kiran Bedi was caught on the wrong foot, the NGOs moved away from her. It is the politicians who are cozying up with her!  
At the cost of repetition let me say : NGOs are there only because of the failure of Governments, period.
Why is no one asking about the foreign money in to political parties, poured in to the full page advertisements during the elections, even worse the religious houses, IPLs and BCCI? 
FDIs are the in thing today isn’t?

If the Governments are running behind foreign funds (FDIs, WB loans, Mellindas freebies etc) why cant some NGOs do the same too?
Or lets all stop it..shall we?

Finally, I think what the IB has done is to show its real intelligence quotient and that is very anti national! They have let themselves and us all down by telling the world what is their capability. That shall encourage all our enemies.
What a pity! Instead of exposing the supposed wrong doers, IB has shamed itself, shot in its leg and the collateral damage is on the new govt- clearly with its ill timing!

PS: oh man! This PM is already looking like ManMohan singh and pawar rolled in to one but far efficient than them but in the same direction as already worried about my nation even though his coterie will call me anti national..


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