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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Go Vegan, but stand up!

The congress with the likes of Diggy Raja, manmohan sing(the one who kept on singing for corporates alone) did not bother to help the Bhopal gas victims nor take steps to remove the toxic (carbide) waste and has been letting all the leach happen and also the poor live just along side and get all the ill effects till date..
(come on do not give the "rich" retort that people shud move..they are not choosers, mind you)

and so the likes of Dhingra, Nity et al have been fighting for justice..
so shall be it..
(ok, note them down and their account numbers and tell our jobless rajnath, he can start fiddling with their milk man, sabjiwala, banker etc)

after 30 years no justice in sign, not even acknowledgement from any govt (cong or BJP) about this long struggle and the peoples suffering.. UNEP (United Nations env prog) says they will come and study this toxic waste..NOOOOO jumps our environment minister Javedekar..
ofcourse that will brin the truth out and the shameless act of the corporate - the Dows and the union carbides will be exposed.. can Modi stand that..what will happen to all our PMs sponsors? so shut the phuck up UN>.u foreign all our local "foreign funded' activists..trying to do anti national work like exposing the corporate, bringing out the truth after 30 years and trying to eke justice for the poor n affected..
such is the Modi govt- dying (ok killing) to help the poor corporates..

meanwhile such environment disasters shall continue..displacement of people at will shall continue (that cud be for a golf course too and Modi saheb thinks its the duty of poor to run away if the rich wants to play golf in that green agri land only..hey u anti national, shut up and leave else rajnath will come and...)
so the Green Peace  is another big villain who has been working to expose the environmental disasters, large scale peoples displacement or questioning the big mining scandals, killing and torturing of tribals, forcing the wrong technologies on us & the ecology..and how dare they, the reen peace even have anti- national tendency of questioning the favours poured on Adanis!! oh how very anti-national..
so release Rajnath on them..freeze their their milk man..
and also leak some news about some salaries..oh! people in Green peace are taking salaries..ooh! and some of them high salaries..
so shall we get a list of all those people who want to work free, with out salaries and distribute them equally between the corporates and these evil NGOs?
Green peace is fighting people's causes..
is fighting environment disasters..
is standing up for the poor adivasis
is asking for proper compensations where eligible
is exposing the ruthless acts of corporates and govt chelas who mindlessly harm the poor
is against the troubling and systematic elimination of tribals from their forest (for the gain of corporates who want to plunder the resources at will)
is against the polluters..

so who are they against?
the corporates who have been serial offenders..
and the Govts who have been meticulously guarding and serving only the corporate interests..
so where will Green Peace go for funds?
adanis? ambanis? tatas?
and can they afford to get it from such corporate goons? after all they are fighting the excesses and wrongs of these very profit only crooks..
can GP as govt for funds? the very Govts who shud have been doing what the GP and many other activists and NGOs have been doing! if the govt was doing its job right, all these "anti nationals" wud be jobless..
will the govts do that? no then what of the dear poor corporates?
so the GP is left with taking money from public and any friends abroad..
those of us sitting outside India and wanting India to be a better place..
thats not all..Green Peace has it as a policy not to take money from any corporates..(obviously!)
so what will the rajnaths and Modi do? construct something and try and fix them..
so if they freeze GPs account? so will all dissent be quelled?
hey Green Peace is just a symbol..
its about any body questioning or expressing dissent..
its against all of us who are questioning..
its about giving a clear free highway for the adanis and ambanis..
so stand up where ever and when ever u can..
it is important..
this is not just against a Greenpeace India​ but all of us..
not just all us activists but also the general public..
a clean free democracy is as important as a clean pollution free world that we may leave for the next gen..

yes they may come and stop ur milk man..
so go Vegan..but stand up:-)

Note: do u remember a FAQ U that was put up the last time they needled Green Peace, asha and others? see here:


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