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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cargo, AAI and me..

really short for time..
parents not doing busy attending to them plus this cargo screw up..
my story in short..
The AAI (Airport Authority of India) who receives all cargo from any carrier keeps the items in their custody till the recipient clears the customs and collects them. They charge all the customers heavily (handling charges – what a misnomer) and inspite of that they have no closed facility to store..and the babu attitude of a result the boxes were all drenched and then they throw them on trolleys to move up and down..and u receive the 28 packets as 100+ and all dripping..and no one to receive a complaint or address your grievance.

So here I am in receipt of my items in pieces (most of it wet and to-be-useless)..Now I shall not leave them..Will take it up..ask for compensation from the carrier who should fight it out with AAI or his pop or who ever..

1/ never send cargo to madras in those 10 days that it rains in a year!
2/ Insist ur cargo agent to wrap up all ur items in plastic sheets.(many of them in madras had that! once bitten,eh?)
3/ learn in advance about insurance in case AAI screws up etc
4/ Have the numbers of your carrier handy - of all the people this one wud be a private party, so chances are atleast they will pick your call. If that too is AI or some excreta, God save u dear..
5/ Finally please carry a good camera. though u cannot photograph inside the premises take some as soon as u are near their gate.(sigh..i had only my mobile and so not good quality pics of the pathetic sight. sample above!)


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