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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What a change!

A packed lobby, lotsa people waiting at various counters, many sitting in the sides writing and on the other side many (some with smiling faces) working on computers..
Hey, did I enter a wrong place? I shud have entered a private org instead of the govt office I intended to enter..A PC on each table sure multiplied my doubts..

Ok, this is it: I went to a post office in jayanagar, blore to send a speed post abroad. Promptly went to the counter and stood in the queue. The official on that side gave me a quick smile just as I joined the queue setting me to think if I knew this fella, by any chance..for I did not expect him to throw a smile on me when our eyes met..after all I am in a govt office..but believe me everything was ulta (ellamey thalai keezh)..ok accepted this is blore, Karnataka- the most civilized and courteous of the southern states..but still all this is too much ain’t?
Then when my turn came he asked me the details and said “sir, this is gonna cost you Rs. 758 by speed post as against just 40 by air mail. R u sure u wanna send by speed post..the time diff can at best be 3 days..just that u r informed…” (forget that I was put off by the cost for a 22 gm post to CH, still)
I ask myself – am I in a govt office?
I dunno if it was a one off post office or if all post offices (decently big ones) are similarly organized , busy and friendly above all. Add to that the eye catching PC on each table! If it’s a change like in our railways it’s a welcome one and lets all do that with open hands..and I hear the post office is going to come up with post finance and other active value for once this another mammoth institution shall become profit making and useful too..that too when in most western countries it’s a loss making and almost pushed to oblivion..
Nice change, eh?


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