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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

M B Nirmal

Heard of exnora? Heard of Mr.Nirmal?? heard of garbage???
Oh synonymous words aren’t they??
I happened to meet M.B.Nirmal, the founder of exnora couple of days back..a man I had met more than a decade back when too the thought of garbage, its clearance, reuse brought his name to ur mind..but now I find him having grown in stature, changed 1000s more minds, identified and guided hundreds of actvists, ploughed so many tuff govt areas, saved many lakes and what not…
It was such a pleasant thing to happen and ask my friend ravi who came along to describe the night that follows after such great meets- so refreshing, filled with hope and optimism..bubbling with positive its no wonder he has reformed many rowdy sheeters and jailed notorious characters in to social activists/volunteers, infact even many politicians- yes! Politicians too, that’s not a typo! so u can imagine..
We spoke of so many things in a short time..(how lucky shud I be to walk in with 30 mins in mind and we happen to spend 3 hours together)..i did have a guilty feeling that prolly I stole good amount of his valuable time..but u know iam selfish!
Touching so many topics, recollecting various of his achievements without an ounce of bragging, some of the interesting characters he encountered, the best of his volunteers, some of his next moves..the nonchalant way in which he wud state some of his achievements were impressive. Its really great what he and his team are doing to the mother earth- not only help in clearing and processing garbage but educating scores of people to cut down on our waste, manage our waste to a great extent (infact working towards zero waste from homes thru ‘home exnora’) and a host of other socially useful and motivating service. People like him have a very contagious enthusiasm and don’t be surprised if u see me with hyper energy and optimism next timeJ
one of his next initiatives will be a drive on the net :e-volunteer, a new offshoot where people (desis) can register, get to know what is exnora and what u can do for the environment/(o)ur future gens, preservation, conservation and even start off an activity at ur village (or any place of choice) thru net. If u get such an email do read and try reducing the garbage pile on this planet..meanwhile I wud recommend u to spare sometime and peruse those links above on exonora and Nirmal for an idea of his monumental efforts.
He referred some names and asked us to meet them and see the great community service they are doing..I have noted them ritually and wud meet as many of them as possible soon. So u may get to know of more such interesting social engineers and their amazing feats.


  • At March 09, 2007 8:09 PM, Blogger VENKATESH said…

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I introduce myself as M.S.Venkatesh living in Michigan, USA.
    I am forwarding you two links to videos which would I request you to view and think a moment as "How wonderful it would be if our country becomes clean and tidy".

    Civic Exnora -

    Home Exnora -

    I hope you will share the link of the videos to your friends and relatives and help us in continuing with the journey of promoting a clean and healthy environment.

    Please email us back or get in touch with Mr.Nirmal Basu who lives in Chennai. (044) 24759477 His Mobile Number is 9840034900.
    There are other ideas too and we can discuss them once you watch the videos and get back. Expecting a favourable mail from you.

  • At December 11, 2008 8:55 PM, Blogger Naveen said…

    hi ananthu, could you please post some of the names he suggested you to go visit. am curious to know more about such folks too. thanks.


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