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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Ya, busy again..what with so many friends regularly visting desh and my shuttling between mas and blore…and meanwhile so many things happen..

Korean bomb (or fizzled?) was one. Ha conveniently every body is fooled to call this china copperative a Korean bomb..and after all the richter scales and near by spies are feeling otherwise! Of course japan's concern is of importance and India shud join them and try arresting this evil axis! Also shud try to expose chinas double game which is norm these days.
Navy purchase scandal! Of all people Fernandes is in the line now! Whether he took 'something' or not, this is not good for our navy or Indian defence in general. After all the navy has vouched the usefulness of the baraks and it’s the drdo that’s making noise. Here drdo has some bias and self interest and shud not help by playing in to the tehelka and other Chinese hands thus exposing our military purchase ending up in demoralizing our defence as such. But we are talking of logic and sense as against the media fodder..
In Briton there is a big controversy about the Moslem women sporting the veil! Oh, such noises..esp on straw’s comments on them. one more case where a teacher insisted her student remove it has spiraled in to a major contrv! Oh, man..give me a break..i want all the freedom that this land can give, all the good returns like good environment, money, free n good education, infrastructure, free life and all that possi but u cant expect me to be bound by ur rules and logic..oh! when will they change? The only consolation in this issue is, its not India its brit so there shall be some spine in the decisions. Anyway lets watch.

The top news is the dope catches! Hey, name any thing and our show man ‘throwing akthar’ is first! I thought they wud have been caught for some cannabis or such like..but just another performance enhancing drug..paks really do their best (or worst) to come out with something that can affect their pride as well as the game. So chukthars career is as good as over, ha haa…
and as for the champs trophy, it has not evinced the interest (atleast mine) that much. What with the matches being played in 4 western centres alone and slowly the highly predictable outcomes are blunting our interests. (ok India won and so one unpredictable thingy already happened)..still the champs trophy is not what it shud have been..meanwhile talking of cricket the most shameful thing is the ongoing controv if Azhar shud be next in line shud be dawood, abu salem, all those bookies and others right?? Who ever came up with such an idea and above all stir a controv out of it?


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