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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So BCCI in search of the new coach- as the norm these days most issues are going on like the serials that have become a part and parcel of our citizen’s much tension built up on nothing, suspense maintained, new theories crop short no professionalism nor u know why u don’t get to see more posts on cric..hey these old farts have all got together and managed to screw up even my interest! See here for a good one by Rajanbala in Deccan chronicle about kids picking their own teacher!

Joshna chinnappa, the squash force from Chennai is moving to UK to get trained there..its an ordinary news here..hey, she is not mirza and doesnot not get that attention..but a better player. What we miss out totally in the process is, be it any game we can never get trained to be a world beater being in India. What a shame and we will never realize that for ages to come.

In tennis fedex-nadal final is a surety..wish fedex gets for sharapova, she has all my support- I need to move on right, with my darling hingis nt to be seen much. So its sharapova days for me;-0

Meanwhile I did a 3 day trip to kerala, to see an unique project with kids by activist designer Jinan and to see and spend some time in an organic farm in govindapuram – TN, kerala border. Awesome that was..


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