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Friday, August 03, 2007

Time pass..

In the lotsa time that I lazed arnd in Blore recently and in last weeks in mas, I did achieve a few milestones..finished reading some books I had been pushing or reading parallely and saw some movies..The book of mention shall be ‘The story of B’ by Daniel Quinn, the famous author of Ishmael! Fantastic book..mind boggling views thrown in amazing style..conveying a great idea(l) without even mentioning it..the crux of the whole story (the speech by the main character) is infact presented at the end as an addendum! Very novel presentation. Rest were all the non-regular books pending for some time.
Short insight in to the movies:
Cheeni Kum: This was a fantastic movie..not for the storyline or movie making but intelligence packed dialogs. I have never seen an Indian movie with such astute script. Very wisely made..ofcourse Amitabh has freaked out (IMHO he has been freaking out in the recent past when he started selecting roles matching his age and he is really acting only in the last deacde). The old melodious songs of Ilayaraja are fun to hear in hindi with shreya’s lilting voice..the English subtitles at satyam cinemas made my day as it helped me catch a hindi movie in toto! PC Sreeram’s photography adds so much value. All in all a very enjoyable movie..very intelligent one! A debut for the director- Balki, an ad films maker.

Last King of Scotland: That guy Whitaker definitely deserves the Oscar..he freaks out..swinging his moods and showing his mood changes so very well..phenomenal act..a great blend of fiction and real life events with Idi Amin as the main character. Nice knot and well made..not very professional or without holes but keeps us happy I saw it, esp for Whitaker’s performance.

The lost city: some of these guys at the Hollywood really amaze me..what all they do..I was astonished by Tom Cruise’s indulgence in The last Samurai! If iam right he infact was incharge of story and script! Here Andy Garcia, that cute guy, is the director and incharge of music for this movie. Yes music!! Though the movie reminds a bit of that old classic Casablanca and a bit of Godfather, it’s a well made neat movie. The music is fantastic. Its about an american family living in Cuba in the hey days and how they pass thru the turmoil days of communist take over – Castro replacing Batista and how Andy Garcia is pushed to move out to US inspite of his reluctance. Very nice movie..worth watching a couple of times..a near classic.oh, forgot to mention! Dustin Hoffman comes as a don, a small role and its really funny to see him like that - bizarre, with no impact! But Garcia has done a neat job as a director, as a music director and as the hero. Hats off!

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