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Thursday, October 02, 2008

BureaucraZy !

Another peek in to our democrazy filled with bureaucrazy!
There's an expansive lake (close to 200 acres) near my place and slowly its being shrunk..since it really swells up during monsoons, there was not lots of encroachment there. But of late, there is rampant encroachment as well as wild growth of some shrubs too. (julilflora & kattamanakku). So some of us took it up on ourselves, took out a signature campaign and had a petition drafted. Then we set out to give it to the collector, who on paper can do away with all the menace and make it a dream come true lake.
Sigh sigh..but we only imagine such stories right? Have we ever heard of one in real life? Not me atleast.
Using some influence we try and wriggle out an appointment with the collector. Time and again u wud have seen it mentioned here about how the time esp ours, is valued and esp. by the govt machinery. Here too we were given a 930am appointment. We reach there (after 2 hours drive) and find that he has gone some 70 kms away and his sec tells us he will be back by 1030..then that becomes 1130, 1230 and atlast at 1330 he comes..rather we get a call saying he has gone home for lunch and we can meet him there (bcos u were referred by that ‘someone’)..I cringe bcos some 200 people are waiting below as that’s the general public grievance day.
Then as we reach there he gives us 1.5 minutes and passes the buck with such an ease u feel bad that u came to him instead of the table he points to. Then he looks at you like ‘u still here?’ and then when we insist he has to intervene and he can do lots to revive it, he nods and collects our petition and sees us off- literally(i.e. he sees and u run off!)
All along from the morning since we were waiting none of them in the whole office of a big collector cares to tell u his schedule or the very fact that he is not there.
I don’t deny there shall be last minute rushes, some political necessities, urgent issues, lopsided priorities, etc..but on the many occasions that I have gone to them (be it anyone) there is just no meaningful interaction, information or time sense. The 200+ that has been waiting from morning still were there without any info.
Hail democracy!

But one small solace, its in this same system that I find another IAS – gutsy and well meaning lady who I happened to bump in to and who gave all her support and still stays so. She has assured to get this thingy moved with her presence/pressure. She is my hope now as much as she is the hope for pallikaranai marsh land and waste management at source @ Chennai!

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