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Friday, September 12, 2008

Outsourcing, 3rd world and Nuke group!

So you thought the west only outsource some of the IT jobs and all those crazy credit calls jobs to you? The west is known to wash any dirt anywhere to their was those ships before now, its ship loads of their household garbage! American & UK garbage get dumped in india…companies like ITC help them handle it..what a shame..
There are other small firms too which collect the containers in the pretext of used/recyclable papers and dump them in farm lands (where else?) in south India.
One good outcome of the many forward mails, in this context, was this issue got a real big exposure..many leading dailies covered this.
Of all those I like this the best! In a brit daily about their own garbage dump!
so what is the nuke doing there in the title?
Now some of the developing countries say India, will think that’s the way to go and so will slowly ‘grow up’! As a proof of their growth, will attempt to ship their garbage to some African country.
By then the west would have formed a group called Garbage G8 countries and that only they can ship their garbage across the globe and keep their countries spik n span. Any other attempting will be ‘embargo’ed or penalized..blah blah..and India wud ‘apply’, ‘apply pressure’, ‘apply oil’ and try to feature as the 9th in the G8 or G88 and will request all of them to pass a bill and the garbage G8 to allow them to export too! export what? toxic wastes and what not!
Get it? A cartel shall be formed for any sham and many will emulate and so the whole dangerous deed itself shall be shadowed.
So here we are, now that we have done and dusted the nuke club, lets go garbage.

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