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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Makkithitta, sakkaleshpura!

I mentioned a few weeks back about the trip to Sakleshpura. It was to a home stay called Makkithitta some 15 KMs after s’pura and what a stay it was..
This house was perched on top of a hill and the setting was fantastic like this:
Hills on all sides and a small valley overlooking the house on the south! What a site it was and so much of agri activity happening and regular drizzles added to the incredible stay.
The family that runs it intelligently pushed us to go and play football in the slurry of a field..they really egged us and said the previous day the prev party did that and they all enjoyed..yada yada yada..then we all reluctantly entered in to that field of 1 feet marshy clay and water and played..slowly with time we got engrossed and freaked out, got back tired and dirty and the rest of the evening was regular scene, ofcourse after clean up..
But I mentioned intelligent owners right? That we discovered the next day! The field that we played had been (trans)planted with paddy and the new party were playing in the adjacent actually all the fun apart, we all were asked to play to plough the fields in a way:-)
It’s a great place. Their food was out of the world and their hospitality is something unbelievable! A great place for a break.

Its another matter the telecom dealers' fraternity of Blore (one time competitors and very special friends of mine) went and so needless to state the fun and laugh involved..lotsa old funny episodes in our business heydays, dealers' pranks, how we used to pull the MNC's apart esp during product launches,each other's foolish deeds in initial days, etc wud all flow thru the day.



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