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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tata to nano

hmm..but only temporarily..
The mamta & pinkos together had a great show at singur,Bengal! I was impressed and was following this funny politrix for once, since that could disturb the environmental disaster called Nano. I had expressed my doubts about it being one lakh - am sure the excise, surcharge, steering, wind shield etc will all be charged extra. Thus pooh poohing the fact that it could be a one lakh car..all said and done, any cheap car that shall be pumped in bulk in to the market is a straight recipe for disaster. and there were some parties (BJP aint?) asked for a reservation of some numbers for the poor aspirants! do they spell such brilliant ones in their press meets, without rolling or LTAO?
back to Nano: one cant select between lefts and mamta (oh! another state like TN with such glorious choice), still I liked the after effect. Singur unlike most other offers, was a fertile land and close to the city- that too a very populous one. It was the rice belt of bengal, am told, like the cauvery belt here in am happy it went out of WB. another reason is that any setback to pinkos, i shall be happy:-)
When the whole media was speculating it could go to AP, Karnataka, orissa, bla bla.. Gujjus stole it with such ease. Each time our media esp the english one screws it up, am happy no ends. Modi might have done good by pulling the carpet and the gujjus wud always present effectively and are so enterprising, any sane CEO wud choose them. More so Modi- I saw him in action, when he was selling Gujarat in Swiss just after his first tenure. It was mindboggling. So no wonder that Guj got it..
but IMHO its better off being there near the west coast than in south or east. the more delayed it is, better off the environment is. I wish some more stumble blocks comes its way and more drama unfolds..seriously, i don't mind the industry & economy taking a beating than the ecology!

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