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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Its mixed- the feeling; its multiple- the incidents that led to meeting her;
its amazing- the feeling after meeting her; its tons of hopes- what she infuses in to one after a good long interaction.

Siddamma is an great woman who has so many (in)credible achievements in her kitty. When she was very young (<10?) she was attacked by a bear which has resulted in loss of an eye and aesthetic looks. To grow with such an incident and loss from so early stage of life to what she is today is Himalayan!
She is well known for her works with Irula tribes. That she has done so much to that tribe is renowned but that she has taken to organic farmer since the last 3 years is a news to many. I might have missed out meeting her when she visited Zurich in 2004 (inspite of my friends Chidu & Sathya informing n inviting me then) but am thankful to W and others who were instrumental in my meeting her now and visiting her organic farm near Thiruthani!
What a farm it was! A great piece of land picturesquely sandwiched by hills on all sides. Very scotish locale..The enthusiasm with which she partakes in all farm activities, the way she plays host and flummox u with hospitality, the ease with which she makes you feel very homely..words fail one has to visit the farm (while she is there) to derive the 200% value.
Theres plenty of place to stay. Plenty to do. Our group happily participated in planting vegetable saplings in a new veg garden she had designed with the help of Ramesh (one of Dr.Nammalwar’s disciples). He was a big lotto for us all- for he was so informative, incisive and had a natural sense of humor.
In all it was an extraordinary experience. Organic farm and more!

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