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Thursday, June 18, 2009

its all happening..

a talk at Rotary silver beach at Madras on "why organic" and a film screening at Madras Terrace house (see here for their eco-month program) by restore followed by an interactive session.
The madras Terrace house was very eventful : a nice film - Poison on the platter by Mahesh Bhat, followed by an interactive session with the IT-turned-organic farmer jaishankar. That was a very nice and informative session.
The ofcourse all our restore regular activities taking so much time, I hardly had time for other things..
so I really sincerely thank Dhoni for this goof up..for he singlehandedly saved me quite some hours! thanks buddy! BTW, Iam sure that only with his faulty captaincy and scratchy batting he screwed it up for chennai kings in IPL and India @ T20 WC. He shud learn to receive these flaks with some grace for he was enjoying lotsa of adulation in good days. I really cant get how one could bat like how he is doing these days esp for a flamboyant batsman like him!

BTW am off to wayanad, Kerala for 4 days- an outing with some friends and wud also visit a great guy/farmer/farm there. wait for a nice piece on him on my return.
till then be friendly- eco friendly. Those of you in Madras see if u can visit Madras Terrace house

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