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Friday, May 22, 2009

Kudos Sevalaya!

Remember me mentioning of a very interesting and great orphanage – sevalaya? They have done it again! They have done extremely well in the 10th & 12th exams.
100% in 12th and 98% in 10th! The topper in 12th has scored 1100 out of 1200!!!
While there are talks of the exam results, scores, performance of various schools everywhere, this stands out for me.
Imagine all students being 1st generation school-goers and to think that none shall coax or tutor them back home! No tuitions or extra is the only choice..for a school to take up only such students and to bring out such extra ordinary results is amazing!hats off Murali! Kudos Sevalaya.
Note: those of u who really want to help a genuine and deserving orphanage/oldage home u can go here and help sevalaya.

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