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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kamal & me

I & Kamalhassan are on the same boat!
Yes my name wasnt there on the voters list (i did have my voter id card!) and so could not vote- just like kamal! So did Kamal.
I was very disappointed and tried moving all stones..went up to the presiding officer who pointed me to talk to the DMK agent there!!! one hour of pruning and running here & there and finally convinced I cant carry out my democratic right, I walked back. None from my family could vote too. There were many of my friends who couldnt vote either:-(
something fishy..
But I could have done something more, like checking a few weeks before if my name was on list etc.
note 1: ofcourse theres more similarity between K & me like alwarpet, eldams roas resident, non-practicing iyengar, brilliant blokes, looks, etc. ;-)
note 2: Madras heat is really blowing me to off to yelagiri and from there to salem, erode. So I can be very erratic or just absent for the next 1 week.

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