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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Sathyameva jayathe?

There is a great man who is running an orphanage & old age home very well. He is a very principled Gandhian and lives by the book.
Suddenly there are some turn of events and some rascal wants to put him to lotsa problems bcos his ulterior motive of taking over this orphanage failed. Now this villain buys out people and organizes so many raids, complains to various authorities, buy police and gives all sorts of trouble. Inspite of proving to be worthy as always, these people prove that they are in the right every time of the 13 inspections & raids that have been forced up on them. Last time when it was done again (at the rascal's money & other power) by a higher authority, it was once again proved that the orphanage people were in the right. But suddenly over night the said authorities somersault and the very same people who acquitted them frame these goodies guilty.
I was fuming and couldn’t stand this. What? If we cant help such extra ordinary characters who have sacrificed their personal comforts, family & life are being unnecessarily put to so much of trouble, ugh…
Then I pull all strings I can and fix up an appointment with a very powerful man of sorts in the govt. A head of the legal affairs and a very influential man in the govt agency bcos of his post (cant mention here though!). A man also known for clean hands and fair practise.
Now after hearing the whole story, he coolly (glib & suave) sermons about the necessity to follow gandhian principles. He says ‘only people like you will be put to problems. You need to show the world that truth alone can triumph. So have patience, go thru the whole ordeal..truth will (somehow & someday- this is my addition) win..bla bla bla..’
So now folks, the story without names actually sounds drab..But I know how painful and frustrating it is..and no help coming from sources I expected adds to the frustration:-(
And u think truth will win, anyways?
Ugh..but when? After all the honest and fair ones have gone tired or dead? And for what then??
Just don’t dare to utter the title of this post to me..grt grt..



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