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Saturday, December 18, 2010

yatra and then..

75 days, 15000kms, 20 states, phew..
it all flew..
I thought I would have time to report occasionally here..hmm, no way..
also bcos of the famous old disease of mine- to bite more than I can chew:-) I saw one person, especially, pitching in with tremendous energy on hosts of tasks! and yes..i took up many more tasks in the Yatra and so was extremely busy trying to make it look like i could chew all that instead of cutting a sorry figure..
so apart from all the challenging travel, interesting interactions, regular tasks, issues, documentation, etc I had my hands full..
Now thats reason enough for not having any updates here for long right?
But i do hope u all were following at for updates, blogs and pictures. so actually u cudnt have missed on the KSY snippets for sure..

I did meet lotsa interesting characters, farmers, farmer leaders..was privy to lotsa interesting debates and engagements. so more to come here..

and BTW for long we have not had any chronicle on interesting and inspirational persons aint? Now we will have that too here soon..for there were quite some in this yatra:-)

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