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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kudos yeddy!

Karnataka government is freaking out!
Iam impressed..
Its the first state in India to come out with a state budget on agriculture!
When the initial talks last weeks were heard I thought it could be symbolic..
But he has indeed lived up to it. He even stretched it all a bit by addressing a group of farmers before and after the budget and there was some sincerity when he talked moved and walked with them to the secretariat! iam happy.
the budget itself - the agri part looks good and hope the tempo is maintained. What attracted my eyes is the generous allocation to organic farming:-)
Way to Go Yeddy!
highlights being: prime area for agri in the budget over all; Rs.17,857 crores allocated for agri sector; Organic farming a separate head under Suvarna Bhoomi Yojana; Rs 1,000 crore will be provided for development of 10 lakh farmer families;

to quote the CM: “..In this direction, I propose to accord more importance to formulating appropriate schemes for the increasing numbers of the marginal and small farmers, addressing the lack of appropriate technology, providing essential and modern processing facilities, construction of godowns and cold-storages and organising partnerships with institutions having expertise and mobilising adequate capital for implementing these strategies along with formulating supporting policies..
saw that? schemes to increase number of marginal and small farmers! impressive aint?

Karnataka Govt is really gaining strides each month in its go organic path..
Even when the CM Yeddyurappa announced last year about his wish to visit an organic farm each month, I thought it was symbolic. and that its another politico's statement..But when i enquired around during my visits to villages, I was told he was consistent there..he did visit an organic farm every month in the last 7-8 months am told and each of these visits were to sincere and serious organic farms!
way to go yeddy!! keep it up.
hope other states follow on these 2 counts - encouraging organic farms and push for lotsa planning around agri sector.

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