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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ishwar Kaka - RIP

Update: I had missed out giving Nipun's link out here. Thanks Ram for pointing and here it is now. Its a must read! Nipun generally makes compelling read.

Ishwar kaka, the famous Gandhian known for Sanitation, from Ahmadabad passed away some weeks back:-( on 26th Dec 2010. He was such a great person, called Mr.Toilet, famous for his design of toilets as well as toilet tales! some of which was narrated to me by his famous son -jayesh Bhai, an unparalleled hero about whom I wrote last year.

Such an illustrious man that he was, who dedicated his life selflessly for such a task was hardly the news maker and hence not many would have heard or read about him.
This compounded my sadness and so waited before I could post a note here. I wanted to really take some time and write more on him. With many other issues compounding, time flew.
But looks like I just waited for Nipun to write!
see here how beautifully (as always) Nipun writes about Ishwar kaka. (hat tip: sriram)

People like Ishwar kaka are such a rarity. But they leave such a mark that they live on as motivation and big influence for ages.

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