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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bus day!

Regulars here know how much I like namma bengalooru climate which brings me here often and how much the traffic puts me off and makes me pack..
One of the best ways to beat that traffic tension is to take the bus..which is what I normally do saves you from the driving tension and taking the blore traffic in to consideration one doesn’t lose much time either:-0
Sometimes I feel the pollution ‘up’ there in the bus is lesser than that on the bike or car!
One additional (big) factor is that these days one need not wait for long..almost all parts are well connected and the frequency is appreciable. Maximum one has to do is take 2 buses to save time. Just do some spade work and find out what buses go closer or to your area. Believe me, its an organised Chaos!
Today for example as soon as I came out of the train and walked across, I got a bus to Banshankari and just as I got down I got in to a bus that goes to kanakapura road..cake walk!

BTW today being 4th Feb is the Bus Day! infact 4th of every month is!
If you cant make it a habit, extend solidarity 4th of every month! Travel by Bus!!

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