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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chennai Organic mela!

The mela went on well.. the shamiana guys came late and screwed it a bit..but though we were delayed to kick off (what we had in mind which was 3pm) we were right as per the announced time (4pm)..

the big take home is that there was new crowds..lots of them...some 2000 who came to the semmozhi poonga were spoken to and show cased the benefits of organic and ills of pesticides, GM food etc.

We could have made it better by coordinating better, with more give away prints, better equipped sound system and baashans, bringing more press and celebrities..
on the last 2 we tried enough but it failed:-9

Iam told there was a mention in tamil daily Dinamani..some assured coverage from Kalki and Vikatan..
meanwhile see here:

Now to more such melas in Chennai and other parts of TN!
way to go SFA!