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Sunday, March 06, 2011

what do i do with my wife now?

Please advice guys..
The state highway was a party to it.. my co-travelers were too..
there were many more who saw it too:-(

i was driving from Bangalore to madras today..(ofcourse for a very important event which shall feature as a separate post here)

and suddenly I am asked to read this gem of a board.. one of the many such 'gems' on display all the way..
it read "if you want to stay married, divorce speed"
and lemme confess- at that instant I was speeding..

now all u readers tell me what to so with my W?
and if you say the right answer you shall be peppered with more such gems
else like the Vetal (or is it betal of the vikramaditya) I shall return to blore and I shall pepper u with more bcos i wud anyways notice more on my way back..