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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

AI. pilots, politicians and mediocrity

So they are at it again..pilots on strike, AI and politicos to mediocrity..

Air India, like most Govt run establishments shud be one of the worst run. Add to that the corrupt-to-the-boot politicians who always had their hands on it all the callous nature of the public sector employees and their never-want-to-work-but-increase-my-pay attitude..
U got the worst ever concoction for the horribly run firm.

Firstly there is no professionalism nor pride in the way AI was ever run..and they have been having these always - disparity, pay problems, union problems..
Remember an old joke ? < an old (that’s a redundant word in AI/IA flights) hostess comes near u and asks " coffee, tea or me” and anything that u opt for falls on your lap>

There was just no improvement from those monopoly days of theirs..
Bunch of airlines and the resultant competition didn’t do anything to improve them..
But that’s a digression..

This strike is for an issue that’s hanging for last 4 years we are told! So as suffering public what wud u think? The striking pilots are at fault right? But for a 4 year old problem what else wud they do??

And as some pilot asked “ would u public have cared to look at our problems if we didn’t strike? Would all this dirt of how bad AI is run have come to forefront if we had not struck work?”

Hmm, point..but I don’t buy that spiel of his- that their strike is bringing forth the mismanagement issue..NO! it was always there and the striking pilots just don’t care about how bad their organization is run, if their salary ask is met with.

So we have a bunch of ‘don’t care’ guys on all sides of the problem.
Hey, did u nod?? So did u realise what u read in that previous sentence? That ‘don’t care’ guys include us all- the passengers and public- whose money is being looted, as always..

The Govt esp under this wonder man who just doesn’t care for anything other than some stupid world bank liked stats and numbers, wouldn’t just bother about the airlines or pilot or image or passengers..or even the fact that all the ‘holy than thou’ private airlines are fleecing the passengers.

So a perfect Indian soup!

Now as many think, is this a ploy to close down AI or sell it to private party?
Ha haa..

You should be nuts to think so..

Just for an argument if we assume the politicos do have such a plan? What will they do later?
How will they, their dog and maids travel free of cost at any time to any where?

How will Praful patels daughter cancel a commercial flight and take it to attend an IPL match?
How will sharad pawars kith fly all the cheer leaders privately for a private party??

So don’t kid yourself..
The govt, even if there are dumbos in it, will not dare to give away their rights..even if MMS is always seeing the other way for every problem and scandal, wouldn’t dare to ditch this..
They need a National airlines- not for national pride or purpose,
But for their selfish needs and deeds.. for free and filth..
dear readers..
So don’t worry about that last aspect..these politicos wudnt let AI go..
Now, set that thought aside and watch this episode..
Till another inefficiency or mediocrity or scandal hits the roof, that is..

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