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Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin laden dead! or is it?

so one of the most dreaded terrorist in world has been killed by the creator themselves..
by the CIA that is..

and poor Pakistan, as we all know they are so short sighted, couldnt see Osama walk around 1.5 hours from their capital.

Good..but now the fun starts..
who is better?
- Americans who thought Paks were their ally?
- terrorists who, rightly, thought they were ruling pakistan and so nothing can happen to osama or who ever had a bomb?
- ISI who were throwing mud in to all eyes?

and then to see who defends whom and who pulls down whom..
for eg Pervez is already saying its a shame US carried out an operation in their land!! ha ha..who? Pervez!!

already lotsa noises all round about how this could have been carried out- with or without pak army or ISI!!

but the most funny noise was being made about no phone connection or internet in Osama's Bungalow! hey, why does he need it when he can just walk in to that pak Army institute and make all calls and browsing with high security- i mean firewalls and all!

and as always with US- conspiracy theories are on already!
(remember they have fantastic conspiracy theories on moon landing to 9/11 to everything!)

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