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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs no more. RIP:-(

one of the brightest fella to have visited this planet, Steve Jobs was an amazing guy who delivered the best always..just check out if any one else has ever 'delivered' in their second innings, after being brought in -chucked out for his own house at the 1st place!.. This man did it..and during this time he was pushed out of Apple, he did create ripples with Pixar and went on to be the largest share holder of Disney!
The master innovator is no more:-(

Mac was unbeatable and unthinkable for the windows world..and in his 2nd innings he delivered such a master stroke with! what a genius he was..

but one has to see how smooth a transition he effected -now or even when he was chucked out of Apple..

remember the advt of apple in 1976 when IBM came in to PC making- for the 1st time..full page ads claiming :"welcome IBM, seriously- apple" of the best ads ever, for me.. and the other master stroke was when windows 95 made such hulla about their features like plug and play, drag and drop, bla bla.."ok, so what? we have been having all these for more than a decade now!"

and one cant forget his speech at Stanford..can u? it did so many rounds on email forwards!
That is one of the best speeches! if u didnt see that earlier read now:

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