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Monday, March 31, 2014

"Development;s" prize: Nokia, evasion of 1000s of crores, ditching employees and us Indians alike..

see this:

what a shame..fooling the govt evading taxes in 1000s of crores and also ditching its own employees..
so whats new?
isnt this the (only) fall out of the glorified Development and open economy/market?
and u think the Manmohans, PCs and other intelligent folks do not understand this or didnt expect this?
but what of our arm chair critics and the middle class (& upper middle class!) who only salivate at the prospect of a future windfall for themselves- some day in some form..and hence justify this whole nonsense..
so they will become sooper rich one day u see:-0 and so they will keep waiting..
where as the whole model is to benefit only 1% and that too only by conniving with politicos and fooling all else..
imagine this Nokia story: while the govt and courts were arguing the management went ahead talking to another capitalist crook and suddenly nokia becomes Microsoft. promises of seamless transitions will keep coming as we all know..
remember Bhopal tragedy? the 'smooth transition from the bloody killer Union carbide to Dow chemicals and the blood stains in Tatas hands..Bcos we all kept quiet then more and more such tragedy stories will happen..companies will default huge payments, will evade taxes & duties, will fail employees..
or at best, will pump all profits to their origin country or some safe haven..
and the MMS. PCs and arm chairwalas will keep professing about "development" open market and keep justifying it..also the plundering of environment, displacement of farmers and tribals and loot the natural pittance to the corrupt politicos, rape the resources and get away in style..
evade tax..fool the govts..who cares?
this recent one by Nokia where they evade a few 1000 crores so eaasily and still stay calm and cool bcos this govt will not touch the same area (chennai outskirts) Hyundai evaded a few 1000 crores a few years back..many other companies have done this..
all these companies have been solicited by our top class economists and policy makers in the name of  open market/development..gave them free land (or at throw away prices like for Tatas and Adani in Gujarat ..waivers in excise, tax holidays, even electricity bill waivers..
that is not all:
heard of NPAs? non performing assets- simply means the loans not paid back..the politicos in connivance with corporates have such written off loans to the tune of trillions. year 2012 it was reported to be 1.55 lakh crores and expected to be 1 trillion for 2013! most of this is  only for 30 top corporates..
That is why we will have a 30000 crore in debts mallya flying in  private jet, dancing with calendar babes and buying out cricket pimps for 50 crores..
and on the other side have farmers committing suicides for 1000 to 10000 rupees loan that couldnt pay back because of our wrong policies and for having thrusted  wrong practices on them (which again benefited the corporate goons with a few more 1000s of crores)
and we will have the ac critics happily questioning a food security or a welfare scheme for poor or a gas price correction as 'anti development' and citing as reason for the failing economy..
what bliss, eh?